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In my next post I'll write about Lindau, but something just happened which saved my trip to the US: I finally got my visa after a two-week-fight! Yay!

After I had submitted my documents for my visa renewal 2.5 weeks ago, I got a message from the consulate that one of the most important documents got lost. Haha. Nobody knows what really happened because I am sure I sent it off, yet, I got a new one sent to Lindau where I signed it and forwarded it to the consulate in Frankfurt.
Then they couldn't find my DHL envelope I had sent off days before. It turned out that it takes about three days until anything in their mail box gets to the correct case within the consulate. After all, I got the e-mail that they had everything to issue my visa on Thursday. 

But that doesn't mean you get the visa right away, does it? So I tried to contact them again, but today's the 4th July, so nobody's working. And I am flying this Thursday!
My mind started spinning around re-booking the trip to Friday, traveling to Frankfurt and picking up my visa and so on.

But a wonderful miracle happened and the DHL Express envelope with my new visa just arrived today. I guess I'll become Catholic ;-)