About it

So far, I have studied Physics in Göttingen and I have written a Bachelor's thesis in Prof. Sarah Köster's group about the adhesion of blood platelets to their substrate. We built a theoretical model to calculate the adhesion energy.

After my third semester I started planning my stay in the USA. Actually, I really wanted to go to California, so I applied to seven different universities there and got accepted at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), my most preferred choice. I got a Fulbright full time scholarship and a scholarship from the University of California, so I will not be a teaching assistant during my first year. Instead, I will start working on cell mechanics in Prof. Megan Valentine's group at the UCSB.

In Göttingen I used to be in the students' council and maybe there's something similar at the UCSB, so I will have a look at it. I also like sports (running, swimming, dancing) a lot, and hopefully I will continue these activities in California. (It would be pretty fancy to be a member of a sports team ;-)) Unfortunately, I have not found a location where I could play the piano yet, but maybe things will become clearer after I have arrived.