The last week

Oooops... I accumulated so much stuff during one single year! There's craigslist which is an online portal where you can basically sell anything, but I didn't have time for that, so I just posted things on facebook and I got rid of it super easily. The donation box for clothes in Isla Vista is "open-air" (there is no roof! It's not a container, it's just a box) which confused me at first, but I dropped of some items. Fortunately, I managed to take all my books home to Germany (but they're heavy; maybe it's a good advice to try to buy books you don't need asap in your home country when you come back).

It's also important to hand on your research knowledge to your colleagues - thus, I trained a colleague for a day which was completely new to me because I had always been the one being instructed. But, our experiment and the hand-over went very well!

 As I didn't want to spend my last minute in Santa Barbara in lab, I went goodbye-kayaking: