It's been a year...

... since I have left Germany, and to be precise, it's been a year and a month already. The year just passed by, but some people are thirty and say, those years also just passed by. And there were and are times when experiments don't work which feel very slow ;-)

But now I'm a "second-year" and the new first-years came and they take the courses I took a year ago and it's just all exactly going over the same way it took a year ago. There was a volleyball match against faculty, there are the social events in the graduate student housing etc. And the campus is so full again. The graduate students are only a few, but the undergraduate freshmen (first-years) are thousands!

I've got about a week left to do experiments and collect data for my thesis. But in the last few days our system is working as good as we can make it right now and I can finally start taking data and not only pretty images.

What did I learn during this year? It feels like all three years of my undergraduate education squeezed into one (I couldn't pipette properly when I came here...). Mh, well, maybe that's wrong and I just learned so much practical stuff that it feels like those three year of homework.
If you ever have the opportunity to spend a year abroad, do it! And go to school, do research and other fun stuff.