Key Lime Pie

Last week, we met for lab lunch and somebody brought a key lime pie for dessert (key lime = echte Limette). It consists of a cracker crust (or rather crumbles of a cracker crust) and a filling made of eggs, condensed milk and key lime juice.

Key lime pie at group lunch.

It was great and since I wanted to bake it as well, I searched for the recipe online and also for "lemon pie" as I thought, it's the same, just with lemon juice. But it's not! Absolutely not! For a lemon pie, people use actual dough and half the pie is made of some sugar topping.

I ended up making the crunchy cracker crust and the key lime pie filling with lemon instead of key lime juice. Of course, it worked although the taste was a bit different due to the different fruit. But when I told people I had made key lime pie with lemon juice, they were astonished that it worked! "I mean, really?!?! With lemon?!" I'm not sure if I understood the tradition of key lime pie correctly and I hope I didn't commit a cultural sin.