Hearst Castle and Elephant Seals - 08th May 2016

  Hearst Castle:

And just five minutes away:


San Diego -16th-18th January 2016





Winter sunset - 21st December 2015

Fulbright Lunch in Santa Monica - 5th December 2015




Yosemite National Park -  26th-29th October (Thanksgiving Weekend)


Sunset - 4th October 2015



Hiking on the Tekuepis trail - 3rd Oct 2015

Next to the Cachuma lake there are many parks and also a very nice hiking trail:


Beach and Bike Tour - 20th Sep 2015

Here are some pictures from the campus, the marine lab and the finally the beach. The pictures are not edited - it really looks that amazing ;-)

The lab with the sea urchins is located on the right. For lunch we can just watch the ocean :-)

The building on the right is the main Physics building.




Granada Theater and downtown SB - 13th Sep 2015

To hear the "Pictures at an Exhibition" we went to the Granada Theater at Santa Barbara downtown. It was amazing!

Again, it was a very sunny day. And the supermarket looks a bit like a temple:

Sunset - 7th Sep 2015

Going to the Southern end of the campus is wonderful: 


Living community, beach and campus - 4th Sep 2015

The following pictures are examples of our wonderful graduate housing (some people already compared it to a home for the elderly ;-) ), the campus and Santa Barbara downtown. 

Our living room and our kitchen (I've never seen such a huge fridge before).

The UCSB lagoon which is just sometimes connected to the ocean, so for some time it's got an independent bio-system (and is subject to research at the UCSB).

When you go down to the South end of the campus, you come to a very long beach and several places suitable for surfing. I went there yesterday evening and it was beautiful:

Actually, the building you see here belongs to the university and is part of a research facility.

And then there's still the campus: The names of Nobel Laureates are demonstrated all over the area:


I've also been to Santa Barbara downtown:

... whatever a wealth advisor does ;-)