Perfect is an understatement

During my last few days in Germany it was unbelievable hot in Göttingen. Do you know this feeling when you are really grateful when you drink water after moving in the heat?

And then...

... I thought that the place where I was going to could be exactly like this honey-air!

Again San Clemente Villages - this time a self-taken photo.

And then...

... I arrived in paradise! The temperature here in Santa Barbara is perfect. We'd got about 22°C today and the sun was shining, just interrupted by some small decorating clouds. They seem to try to make the photo you take look a little bit more realistic.

 Arriving at the airport. Santa Barbara seems to consist of palms, water and sun.

Mmh, maybe my over-excited opinion can be explained by today's events: Everything worked well. I checked into the Housing and met my very nice room mate. I got my access card (Studentenausweis, which is able to do everything, maybe even spread peanut butter on your bread ;-) ) and met some Physics class mates. Our entire year is organized on facebook, of course.

Compared to other cities, the university here and Santa Barbara has got a well established and good working bus system. With them I got my bedding and everything sorted. The washing machines are paid with Credit Card (how else?!) and don't turn the clothes along a horizontal axis, but along a vertical one.

During midday I took a brief, unintended walk, because the bus stops are not really announced. So I'd got about a mile fun carrying a bedding and food - I think I'll do my intended exercise tomorrow ;-)