Transition state

A bunch of seven grad Physics students went to the Granada theater in SB downtown today to hear Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition", parts of a piano concert by Tschaikovsky and an overture by Glinka. It was wonderful! Not only the orchestra, the pianist and the conductor were amazing, the building is also worth seeing. From the outside it looks a bit different to the rest of the main street in SB, but once you've entered you think you're in a 23-stars hotel ... or something like this.

 Granada Theater in SB. There are more Pictures here.

What's new? There was a cinema like show for the "Pictures in an Exhibition": A projector showed short comic strips on a very broad screen. I think that was absolutely not necessary, but some sketches were funny, indeed. I was just not sure if I had been in a concert or in a cinema... (There just had to be some US-American touch ;-) )

The tickets for 16 US$ were affordable - but that does not include the exceptional change in our seats because some rows were just not taken. So we got placing which would have costed about 40 US$ ;-) In October Lang Lang is going to come and later on there's something form Shakespeare.
A recommendation to everyone!