There are many hiking trails around Goleta and Santa Barbara, which caused the evolution of not a only a website on his topic (here), but also a book(e. g. "Day Hikes around Santa Barbara" by Robert Stone). For the last weekend we picked a trail which was going to lead (or better: was supposed to lead us) to the so called "Cathedral Peak".

The "path" to Cathedral peak.

The elevation gain is about 3300 ft (about 1 km) which is a lot for a total trail length of about four miles (6.4 km). But since the trail was described as "for families", "any level" and "fun for beginners" we planned to take it. As it had to happen, every trail was clearly marked except the Cathedral trail. We found a really small path which was going up at the side of a creek we defined as the Cathedral peak trail (that turned out to be right!).

The trail itself held its promise in being rather a climbing parcour than hiking, but that was lots of fun. We went up to the deep-hanging clouds, but at some point we couldn't make out the path any more because the rocks were so large and huge. Thus, we turned around and took one of the many trails back.

Unfortunately we chose one which led us to pools whose depth we didn't know and the walls to the left and right of it were too steep for climbing. In addition to that we couldn't go back because we had to jump down a short part to continue at all. Some other hikers showed us small hand and foot holes in the rock where you could climb. But they were tiny... I never thought I was going to make it, it was definitely beyond my limits and skills, but with a high level of concentration and unknown muscle strength I didn't fall into the pool :) When I looked back I couldn't remember how that worked out. Once I read somewhere that you do sports to find your limits and go further - that's the case.

That was one of the rather spectacular "hikes" I had so far - somehow I can recommend it, but you have to prepared for everything.