Long days and free food

I have to admit that my blogging frequency definitely went down during the last few weeks. One reason was traveling but then really long days came up and I didn't dare to calculate the hours I worked per day. I absolutely don't want to complain because what I do is fun, but research also really performs magic with your time!

Concert hosted by the International Students Association.

An example for these days was Friday: I started working a few minutes before 8 am and I got a second breakfast at 9:30 am which is a free breakfast in the Engineering building sponsored by the Engineering department (free food is a very effective way in the United States to get people attracted and away from work). I'm glad I had another break around noon when the "Physics Circus" (I already wrote about that) presented how this quarter and its physics shows were going to look like.

My afternoon was one meeting after another with lots of fruitful and great discussions. In the evening the International Students Organization hosted a concert in the University Center where some awesome a cappella groups presented songs - and there was a free menu with three courses! The concert makes this day kind of less exemplar. Usually I start my next lap of image processing ;)

In general, it seems to me that food is a lot more expensive around here than in Germany. To illustrate that I estimated the average for the money I spent on groceries in Germany which is about 30-40US$/month and here ... well, it's at least twice this amount - including "free days" like the one sketched above ;)