Coming back

Spring break's over and everybody's coming back from a one-week-holiday. Oh, well, I asked some graduate students and most of them worked during the week and maybe took a day off around the weekend to travel. When I came back last night, I saw the spring break fence which will be gone tomorrow, hopefully:

The fence separating the students' village, Isla Vista, and the graduate student apartments (San Clemente).

I am not 100% sure about its purpose, since there are gaps where you just can cross the border from the "party village" Isla Vista to the graduate student apartments. However, the streets and bike paths were really quiet today, so I guess the party's over.

Another topic which is interesting to know about: During spring break, my bed room's lamp broke, so I submitted a work order request on our apartment webpage. Last time, maintenance workers came and fixed it within 24 h for free :) But I'd expect that in some way for a rent of about 1050$ per month. Nevertheless, I should mention that we had the same service in the student apartments in Göttingen for about 200$ per month...