Camping and water rafting

I needed one light sleeping bag, three jackets, two towels and one blanket to stop shaking while we were camping last weekend. It was still so cold that I couldn't sleep until everybody closed ranks. So even in California in the end of April it's summer during the day, but the night reveals the true season.

But the water rafting on Sunday was worth sleeping in a fridge! We stayed in the Sequoia area near the Sequoia National Park and went down the Kern River in small boats of about 4-6 people. We were wearing wet suits, jackets, life jackets and helmets - and it was cold again when a wave hit you (that's like showering).

Only a small part of the river was raft-able and we went down that path about three times. It's important that your team paddles together (like in rowing!) and that you do what your guide tells you (at first, I didn't know we had a guide, but it turned out to be absolutely necessary!).