Visit days

What do you think about a free flight to the US, free lodging and a few days full of science talks and sight seeing? That's what's happening during graduate student visit days. Universities invite the admitted students (about 60 in our case) to stay with them for one or two days, talk to professors and other graduate students to convince them that the visited university is the only right one to choose.

 Unfortunately, the visiting students will not enjoy this nice sunny campus view since it started raining today... absolutely unrepresentative! 

Thus, each university tries to show off everything they have. For example, last night, the prospective Physics graduate students were invited to a famous ice cream store in downtown and today we had a poster session, talks and lots of food. And in a few hours the famous prospectives' party is going to take place at a graduate students' home. 

Most people will leave tomorrow and might be traveling to the next university. I met people who had not been home for a month to visit every university they had been admitted to. Some even already know where they are going to accept the admission, but still travel around since it's travel costs and everything is paid.

All admitted female students will enjoy an extended program with the "Women in Physics" organization at the UCSB: we prepared a brunch, sight-seeing/hiking and a dinner tomorrow for those.