Elephant seals

It takes only two hours by car to get to one of the tourist attractions in California, the elephant seals which give birth to their children at the Californian coast, roughly between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Hundreds of these animals basically lie on the beach and do nothing else then throwing sand at themselves from time to time (but not too often, that might become stressful ;-)). Indeed, they resemble elephants in some way since the males have a very large nose and in general, they are large (3-9 m!) and heavy (1000-5000 kg!):

In total, five people went, but only one of us was older than 25 years, so effectively we only had one driver: Renting  a car is about 30$ a day without any insurances, if you are 25 years or older. But below 25 you have to expect the doubled amount! Thus, only one person was driving all way, but since the highways are long and broad,  it's rather easy to drive. We basically turned right twice within 100 miles to get to the elephant seals.