iDrive - Matilija Falls

Have you ever confused the gas and break pedal in your car? So far, I didn't - but then the simplicity of an automatic car messed up my thinking about the number and locations of the pedals for a few milliseconds. I'm glad, nothing happened and I didn't get it wrong again.
There's no clutch in most American cars, so you don't need your left foot at all, which is kind of weird at first. Driving becomes very easy since you just drive or break. (Or "park" or "reverse" - those are the other two options for the gear stick, but you don't change the strength of the gear, just the mode)

To practice driving, we went hiking (yeah, lots of logic in here ;)) and it took us 1.5 h to get to the path (Matilija Falls) which was absolutely worth it - the water falls were just desiccated and a small creek was left:

But imagine the road in the mountains! Lots of steep slopes, small roads, no sight on the upcoming part of the road, serpentines and many steep curves, ... ideal conditions to practice! :)