Dunkin Donuts

Most people I met who come from the East Coast love (or at least like) Dunkin Donuts. Yet, we're in Southern California, where people go to the gym 24/7 and only eat Greek Salad with yogurt dressing ("Did you think about the calories of the dressing?! Maybe leave it out."). Thus, the new Dunkin Donuts store here in Santa Barbara is a tourist attraction. It was quite a discussion among friends and colleagues, that we did get this store!

As I understood that I should not miss this millennium store, I planned an excursion with friends to investigate the donut and coffee quality. Surprisingly, the store is not downtown, but in a new area, where the organic grocery stores are. Overall, it's pretty fancy. It's just hilarious to write on a donut box you bought "no trans fat" - hu, it's alright to eat it now, even for Californians ;-)