Tiki party

I got an invitation to a tiki party via e-mail and was very confused if this is not person x hacking person's y account. But it turns out that tiki culture is a 1950s generation party/cocktail/music style which started with drinks made of rum and fruit juices (sometimes wodka works as well). People on the party were wearing Hawaiian shirt and the corresponding necklaces (but they weren't drunk ;-) everybody basically just zipped on the drinks and that's about it). 

The drinks can be served from a water melon or coconuts, which looks kind of cool. On the party I went to, there was lots of food, too, which was placed under a palm-tree-leave-covered frame. All in all, it was more like a normal party with super nice people and we talked about all the world and his brother. No weird dances, no weird rituals, just a different, fancy garden-party setting.