For simplicity (and probably for coolness), some people introduced the expression "k€" which corresponds to "kilo-€" - I'm in favor of "10³€", but that's probably too scientific. However, our "k" was the 6 km-test in rowing we did on Tuesday (caution: no ft-measure!). We basically rowed 6 km without a stop on ergs (the machines you row on) as fast as we could. That takes about 25-35 minutes and afterwards you're done for the day; oh, well, nearly, we got the rowing shirts saying "UCSB ROWING" on them, which is quite nice.

 This morning at the lagoon, 6:10 am.

And good to wear at the soccer match on the same day at the evening! We won, but my contribution was only of decorative function, I think. It was great fun though and we're admitted to the play-offs.

But don't worry, I do something else than sports here as well: My simulated actin network "worked out" ;) and I did some signal-to-noise ratios on the intensity profiles I extracted from the sea urchin fluorescent images so far.