Published paper pressure - slight shakiness of any human being entering nearly any stage of academia and looking at other people's CVs. 

Since I had my first internship in a lab, people talked about papers and how many they should publish, they actually had published and the wish they had published (and all three numbers are different...). I heard of a frequency of about one paper per year you should stick to as a graduate student. But then somebody else told be that he'd been working on an algorithm to simulate proteins for three years and hadn't written any paper, but now he just has to alter a tiny detail and publishes again - every three months.
You could also start reading CVs of researchers which are online sometimes, but that's not recommendable because you might start feeling bad for every free minute you had in the last few days (including eating).

Thus, I tell myself not to freak out when I'm asked for my number of publications and conference talks. Of course, it's nice to have a large number of papers, but there's way more than that which makes a good researcher, e.g. the actual content and quality of the paper, the gained skills and experiences, funding, open-mindedness, etc. So I try to be a person, not a paper ;)