Asking for homework

Today I witnessed how a group of students (to be honest - somehow including myself) asked for homework - yes, indeed, to get another homework sheet for class. I said several times I would favor some voluntary problems just to get a better understanding of the topics we're talking about, so nobody would be stressed out because it's the ending of the quarter and some lectures require final exams, so you could do the homework any time you want (or not at all if you're not interested).
It's actually really helpful to have some problems to solve for yourself about the topics discussed in class, because otherwise everything seems "so clear" if somebody explains it, but it's a different cup of tea if you have to do it on your own.

However, we ended up with another (unplanned) homework set which is due in ten days - and even our professor didn't really want to give us one! In the class I'm talking about we don't have a grader, so our professor has to do all the grading and correcting of the homework...

Fortunately, the homework isn't too difficult! And now it's Thanksgiving and hopefully nobody is going to do anything. I'm going to the Yosemite National Park, so maybe there won't be too many entries for the next few days, but prospect-like photos afterwards.