"Feel the bern"

Bernie Sanders has probably been the most "European" candidate ever running for presidency in the US. Instead of the usual buzzwords as "great America", "military power" and "yeah, of course, less taxes!" there was "no tuition fees", "social justice" and "stop racism" - what's going on?!

It's only a real candidate if there are all kinds of stickers, e.g. Bernie-sticker on a car.

The support of Sanders in California has been tremendous since quite a few universities cluster at the coast and some of them are famous for the "left" movements and attitudes. Thus, Hillary Clinton won the Democratic primary here yesterday, but Bernie Sanders still got 43.2% (Clinton: 55.8%). Clinton is said to be very Republican for a Democratic candidate, but her views are not as "socialistic" (as the media puts it) as Sanders'. I was very surprised when I heard people talk about Sanders and that his election "would be absolutely impossible" since "America is not ready for no tuitions". 

Students here have more than 180 000 $ loans after finishing college and it takes tens of years to pay those back, so why should the not be ready for not paying that?! Apparently that contradicts the "freedom" you have to get education (why should everybody pay for it and then you can choose if you like it, so you are forced to pay anyway OR you pay this horrendous amount of tuition fees, but you have freedom to choose if you like it ... hurray...). Yet, there are many different scholarships you can get to get rid of the fees.

Maybe America is not ready for a sudden shift to zero tuition fees, but I think the great support Bernie Sanders gets here, shows, that something is going on!