June Gloom

It's called "June Gloom and it's the fog, which has come up every single morning for two weeks now. It makes the mornings cold, but it's gone around noon and the sun shines until sunset. It's so hard to tell if you should wear pants or shorts because it always looks like a rainy day at 8 am.

June Gloom covering the view on Los Angeles from a house on top of a hill in Santa Monica.

 Last time I went to a Fulbright even we had a far view on Los Angeles, but with the fog it just looks like the photo above.

Last Saturday we had the end-of-year-Fulbright event at the same house, i.e. all Fulbright students and scholar around Los Angeles are invited to our coordinator's place, we have a barbecue and everybody brings international food. It was absolutely great! I enjoyed Naan bread and Nutella which is a nice international combination and lots of good conversation. While driving down a bunch of people from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles, I listened to a conversation about religion, freedom and life in general between an Israeli Jew and a Pakistani Muslim - I had to concentrate on driving, but I am glad that Fulbright brought those people together! It was super interesting to listen.