Leaving the "village" Santa Barbara behind me I'm visiting Los Angeles and New York during the winter break. Suddenly, sky scrapers, the metro and many more people are back in my life; it takes 1.5 hours to get with public transportation from the main airport in LA to the Walk of Fame. However, both locations are kind of "in the city center". Many friends told me that I would not like LA because it's not an actual city, but a bunch of clustered smaller towns or maybe not even towns, but living areas.

Walk of Fame in LA.
  The public transportation system itself worked well for us, but the people on the bus and in the metro were sometimes a bit "weird". Many were talking to themselves (I have to admit, sometimes it was hard to tell if they were speaking to their headset or not). Or shouting at other people, making noises and so on. I definitely don't want to be in the metro alone at night. Nevertheless, a one-day-ticket for the metro is 7$ which is really cheap compared to other large cities (Paris, ...). But apparently everybody who can effort a car does so and so the cities are unbelievable crowded (pedestrians are a rare species, don't even think of cyclists...).

I've just arrived in NY and my first impression is overwhelming - it's just unfortunate for LA that I go here directly afterwards...