Boat house reward

"You're crazy!"
"I know, that's right!"

People think I'm crazy when I tell them about the time commitment and the actual practice times in rowing, that's Monday to Friday 06:15-07:45 am. Today's Saturday and we met again at 06:15 am to go to the boat house which is at Cachuma Lake where I'd been hiking before! Also, parts of the drinking water for Santa Barbara come from there. There are quite a few boats, e.g. the tips of some of them here:

All the names are either connected with a person affiliated with rowing or to some story or both. We didn't go rowing today, but there'll be more Saturday practice, yess! (To be honest, my muscles have been sore for nearly two weeks now; thus, the boat house trip was a reward and less exhausting. But professional rowers get sore muscles as well, there's now way around it ;))