Christmas is tomorrow

It feels like Halloween is today and Christmas is tomorrow. And then already close to Christmas Eve we should be prepared for New Year's Eve.

Hamburgers and popcorn for Christmas trees.

Looking at a calendar helped me to get the events in a more sensibly timed way. But even today there were already more officers around then usual: Some of them were even riding horses. The cause of this increase in surveillance is Halloween and it is accompanied by a huge fence around the graduate housing structure, including highly limited parking and a non-visitor-policy (nobody else then the residents are allowed to stay overnight). Post will be delayed during this time. This is all part of keeping everybody save during the Halloween weekend as we were told. On the Sunday morning after Halloween there'll be a voluntary cleaning and if you belong to the first fifty people joining in you get a free "halloClean" shirt! :-)

And don't forget to buy Christmas presents! There's already a lot of Christmas tree stuff out, but maybe that's a continuous business ;)