Sports clearance

To be allowed to participate in club sports on campus everybody has to pass an physician's examination. I had got my appointment today and I (tada!) passed. (No worries, you're not asked for the Latin names of your forearm ;)) But I had to do several stretches and move my hands and my head in various directions. In some way that looked so funny, that I actually started laughing (and I was so glad that the physician laughed as well!).

Health Center Website.

But, what's in general different: The clearance is covered by the insurance every student has to have around here (about 2000 $ / year!). You can book an appointment online and get an e-mail and a text message reminder a day / an hour before your appointment starts. That's very useful because an missed appointment will cost you about 50$.
Once you've arrived on time, you check in 15 minutes early and you wait for this very exact time until you're called into a room, any examination or whatever is done, and you usually don't need the time your appointment is supposed to last (e.g. today I was done after 10 out of 15 minutes). In Germany I experienced a waiting time of up to an hour or even longer, even if I had a scheduled appointment..."German efficiency" ;-)