What I continue doing all the time...

Yesterday evening I went to the weekly "impro-show" by the UCSB improvisation theater group "Improvability". It was great! (And loud, people were cheering all the time) And I didn't know that the actors were standing at the exit after the performance saying goodbye to everyone and giving a high-five.

 Improvability's poster last night.

The show was a quite a change to the work I had done during the day which was coding. I try to fit a certain shape to an image with Matlab, which is a computer program which calculates everything with matrices (hence the name, matrix laboratory).

The greatest problem is, that we can't give the shape to the program and say "hey, you'll find that!", because the intensity of the shape's outline changes. And there is of course the huge problem of noisy data in a microscope image. After all, the results have to be reproducible and the algorithms should work for other images as well. That's a challenge, but I really like it! You know the feeling when you're standing at the top of the mountain? ;)