Nitrogen ice cream unites the world

In Göttingen the Students' council (Fachschaftsrat, zumindest so ungefähr) organizes a summer party (Sommerfest) in the afternoon with music, a volley ball match, some fun challenges aaaaand - strawberry liquid-nitrogen-ice-cream. It's spectacular to see how it's made and some people only come to see how it's working and go off without any ice-cream!

And today the very same "experiment" with the same fascination was conducted about 800 miles away here in Santa Barbara. The physics (and the fascination for physics ;-)) is everywhere the same.

We hadn't got strawberries, but some chocolate chips, and the entire event was running parallel to the "h-bar"-hour (we can't call it "happy hour"...). The  h-bar-hour is every Friday at 5 pm and the older years are basically visiting the younger ones in their office trailer and hang out. We should definitely ship that one to Europe :-)