On Tuesday I presented the research from my Bachelor's thesis and everything worked well! (After the projector decided against giving the presentation a strong yellow touch...)

During preparation time for the talk I didn't go rowing so I had to get rid of all my chocolate-I-can-make-the-talk-motivation-calories in some other way, which turned out to be indoor-soccer in the evening. It's really important to register until a certain date if you want to play during a certain session, be on a sports club or the like and this Tuesday was the last possible date. I got there and it was absolutely great - and exhausting (I haven't played soccer for quite a few years).

Right now, I don't have a soccer styled image, but Santa Barbara in the morning.

I often thought that baseball, basketball, hockey etc. are more popular in the US, but around here, soccer is a huge deal. The UCSB men soccer team is very successful which catalyzes this effect.

The match on Tuesday was "just" intra-mural and for no greater competition. The teams name is "Soccer Heroes" which caused the post title.
However, there's a quote for girls and if you drop below three girls on the field, your team has lost. Only three girls were left at half time, so we played during the entire match... But without us, we'd have lost ;-) (and by the way: we won!)