Gone with the lightning

The sky yesterday was slightly cloudy. In the early evening the school's soccer team started their training just next to the apartment complex as usual. But then... there was this tremendous, never-heard-before sound of thunder! It developed into one of the loudest thunderstorms I ever stayed in. The soccer people were tough until the rain was so heavy that the field was turned into a slum hole and the lightning got close. Did I say rain? There was even hail around! After about half an hour everything it was over.

But just imagine! A strong thunderstorm here, in paradise! In Southern California! It didn't happen for years, I was told.

During the storm the lights went off for about five seconds - I was so glad that they just went on again. But when I got up early in the morning (for rowing ;)) there was no electricity and we started training in the dark. Even at work at about 8 am, the computers etc. didn't work. Fortunately, this was a shut-down on purpose so all cables were fixed, and there was an emergency supply in between, but this all happened "just" because there was a short thunderstorm!